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  1. Music is the answer!

    Welcome to my new blog pertaining to all things music! 2021 has been a year of progress. My first release, my first remix, my first collaboration and the inception of my first podcast 'Knight Sessions'. 

    So a little bit about myself first. My background in music goes back to when I was 11 which is when I started to learn the guitar. I actually started learning on a one string banged up acoustic and the first song I ever learnt was.............. Smells Like Teen Spirit - shock horror! I became obsessed with it! I'm so thankful to being able to play guitar because it became my therapy in some really dark moments. 

    My first introduction to electronic music was through The Prodigy in my late teens but I didn't really get into it properly until my late 20's after my first trip to Ibiza. It changed everything! Seeing Carl Cox at Space was something else! After that trip I found myself digging deeper into underground club music and eventually turned all my attention to learning Logic Pro. I went from writing songs on my guitar to trying to produce dance tracks on a laptop. I was well and truly sucked into the whirlwind of electronic music production. 

    Electric Haven

    My first release Electric Haven was released in March on Adam Yeadon's label - 10 Steps North. This was a massive milestone for me and I'm really grateful to Adam for the opportunity. I had been learning the fine art of music production for a few years and this track was the first where it all really came together and resembled what I was hearing in my head. It was a really important release. Since then I've become friends with some talented producers and also made some contacts within the industry

    Fuel The Fire

    The start of my new blog coicides with the release of my first collaboration with an exciting producer from Wicklow in Ireland, Whoriskey. This guy has to be one of the hardest working producers in the Progressive House scene. His release schedule is insane! It was from releasing Electric Haven that myself and Shane first got in touch. Within a few days we decided to write a song together. It was one of those tracks that came together really quickly and I am so happy with the end result. Fuel The Fire is coming out on the massive FSOE UV on the 26th November and is also now available to pre-order:

    A special mention has to go out to UV. I've been a fan of this label for a few years now and also the mixes that Paul Thomas puts out on UV radio. To have a track coming out with them is huge for me and I hope there will be many more!

    Knight Sessions

    Adam Yeadon had asked me to put a mix together to help promote Electric Haven. At first I was going to put the mix together using Ableton but then decided I wanted to learn to mix properly and bought myself a Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 controller. I love the Traktor Pro software and the S4 is awesome. That mix was posted on Melodic Deep's Soundcloud as part of their Talent Podcast series.

    Djing was not something I had planned on persuing but I enjoyed doing the mix so much that I decided to keep at it. Pretty soon after I decided I wanted to start a podcast and Knight Sessions was born. The first episode is now available on my soundcloud. I'm really excited about developing the show and will eventually be turning it into a biweekly podcast.

    Here's to the future!

    If you made it this far thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more news on my first remix and future releases. I'll also be developing this blog so any ideas are most definitely welcome!