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  1. New Music Finally Out

    My first release 'Electric Haven' was released in March so it's been a long wait for my second. My collaboration with Whoriskey Fuel The Fire is now out on FSOE UV. It was very cool seeing it reach #60 in the main progressive house chart on Beatport. I know not to get too excited by numbers but it does feel like some reward for the hard work that I put into producing. I absolutely love the short video that UV created for it. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw it was the film Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage. If you'd like to see it here's the link:

    It was also nice to see 'Fuel The Fire' included in Paul Thomas' guest mix for Above & Beyond's Group Therapy show. Paul never dissapoints!

    My First Remix

    I'm so happy to be able to announce my first remix, Deadline by Port Manteau will be out next Friday 17th December 2021 on 10 Steps North. I had alot of fun working on this one and It was the first track that I used my Korg Minilogue XD on which features heavily in the breakdown. The response so far has been really good. Fuenka played it in their latest UV Connect Mix. As always they delivered another quality mix that deserves a listen.

    Aly & Fila also played it in their latest Future Sound of Egypt mix. It carries on the trend of them playing each of my releases so far!

    Harmonic Tendencies

    If you like to listen to music on Spotify I have created a new playlist called Harmonic Tendencies. One of my favourite things to do each week is to look on Beatport for new music and hidden gems so I'll be adding to this regularly.


    I'm currently working on what is going to be my last project for the year. My second collaboration with Whoriskey. This time it's a rework and I cannot wait to share this one! 

    It's been a really positive end to 2021 and 2022 is already shaping up nicely. My first release of the year will be a collaboration called Sin with talented Canadian dj/producer Jordan Gill on FSOE UV Noir. I first heard about Jordan when he played my track Electric Haven on his Dark Content show. I messaged him directly to thank him for the support and we've been in regular contact since. Sin also features my vocals on it. It's dark, it's gritty and it's made for the dancefloor! 

    If you've taken the time to read this then thank you! Thank you also to all those who have streamed, downloaded, purchased and supported my music. It's really appreciated! 

    I hope you and your families have a quality Christmas and New Years!